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So, you want to order a custom cake?


Good News! You're in the right place! Here are some Starting Prices for the custom cake of your dreams! If you are looking to order a Custom Shaped Cake, please send us an Email (to attach your picture reference) or Submit an Inquiry!


Drip Cakes

We NEVER get tired of making these! You can literally order any color for the cake and any color color for the drip! Pricing starts at $125 for a 1 Tiered 7 inch Drip Cake (Feeding 15-20).


Additional options (for all cakes): fondant/buttercream decor, edible images (your pictures, characters, or logos), alcohol bottles (provided by the client), chocolate covered strawberries ($15/6 berries), Age (number), custom topper (Non edible keepsake). 

Tiered Cakes

Are you feeding more than 25 people with your cake or just looking for that added WOW factor? Try our Mini Tiered Cakes: Starting at $150


Feeding 35-40 people? Try Our

Regular 2 Tiered Cakes (7+9 inch): Starting at $250


Feeding 50 or more people? Try ordering a multi tiered cake: Starting at $350 (3 tiers) *3 or more tiers Requires DELIVERY*


Yes! We also offer Wedding Cakes! Please inquire for Wedding Cake Tastings & Pricing!

  One Tiered  Cakes 

One tiered can be as cool as you want to make it! You can visit our gallery for the wide variety of one tiered cakes we have already created, OR you can send us a picture reference of a cake you need pricing on! 


Feeding at least 15 people? Try the

7' inch Cake: Starting at $125


Feeding 25-35 People? Try the

8' inch Cake: Starting at $165


Feeding 40-50 People? Try the

9' inch Cake: Starting at $200

*9inch Cake Pictured Above*


Feeding up to 60 People? Try the

10' inch Cake: Starting at $250

Cake Flavors


  • Vanilla (yellow/white),

  • Chocolate

  • Red Velvet (can be colored other than red)

  • Lemon

  • Strawberry (flavored) 

  • oreo

  • unicorn/mermaid (tri colored vanilla cake)

  • sprinkle blast (vanilla base + multi-colored sprinkles)

Frosting Flavors



  • Vanilla Buttercream

  • Oreo Buttercream

  • Chocolate Buttercream

  • Cream Cheese 


We do NOT offer whipped cream as a frosting option! Our homemade buttercream is light and fluffy and can easily be used instead of whipped cream. 

Fresh Fillings


We make all fillings from scratch & with love! Starting at $20/tier, you are able to add any filling of your choice (usually) to any cake!


  • Fresh Fruit: Strawberry or Pineapple


  • Gourmet: Banana Pudding, German Chocolate, Lemon Curd, Strawberry Shortcake (Strawberry filling + Buttercream)

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